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Home Office Lighting

Large office with a modern style work station and lamp lighting.

Optimizing Home Office Lighting

The better you can see, the more productive you’ll be. Good lighting is paramount in every room of a home, but is especially key in a home office. The right lighting eases eye strain, helping you stay energized and focused, and eliminates glare, creating a more inviting space. If your current home office lighting leaves a bit to be desired, it’s time to change things up. Get started with the following suggestions, to amp up your comfort zone.

  • Use indirect lighting— If possible, avoid placing your desk directly under overhead lights, to prevent glare and shadows. Upward shining floor lamps help bounce light off of walls and the ceiling, while table lamps on side tables soften and scatter light throughout the room. 

  • Add task lighting— Task lighting is imperative for working at your computer, writing, reading printed material and anything else where you need to focus. An adjustable desk lamp is perfect for task lighting, as you can position it to provide light exactly where you need it, as well as easily move the entire lamp if necessary. One thing to keep in mind: place the lamp on the other side of your dominant hand so you don’t cast shadows while reading or writing. 

  • Consider LED strip lights— Good lighting doesn’t just apply to your primary work area—it’s also important in closets and shelves. LED strip lights are ideal for illuminating these hard-to-light spots, so you don’t waste a lot of time looking for things. Plus, they’re an easy-to-install DIY project. 

  • Install dimmer switches— Being able to brighten or dim lights based on the available daylight in your home office is key to optimal lighting. You’ll find plug-in dimmers for table and floor lamps; if you have overhead lighting you can swap out standard light switches for in-wall dimmers.

  • Add smart, motorized shades— When you’re in the middle of a video conference you don’t want to have to excuse yourself to lower the shades when the sun’s rays start washing out your screen. Add smart shades and you can conveniently control them with a remote, an app or even your voice and your favorite voice assistant (when integrated with a compatible smart-home system). 

  • You can also set your shades to automatically adjust —according to a schedule you create—like close every afternoon when the sun’s rays are at their highest. 


Office with two windows, a work station, and corner lamp. Incorporate candles to create an inviting atmosphere.
Work station featuring modern style desk, computer monitor, and modern lamp. An adjustable desk lamp is key for computer work.
Large office with four windows and light colored shades. Add smart shades so you can easily block glare. Shown here, Duette® Honeycomb Shades Alexa in Platinum.

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